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Reducing Freight Cost

Freight costs are a big part of any import or export business and that is why we help companies with reducing freight costs. If you’re importing or exporting, you need to factor in the cost of freight. As well, if you’re importing from one country and exporting to another, you’ll need to factor in both global and local shipping costs.

There are three main types of freight: transportation, insurance and duties and taxes. Transportation includes everything from shipping containers to trucks and railcars. Insurance covers the costs of cargo damage and loss. Duties and taxes cover all other costs associated with importing or exporting, including customs charges. The total cost of freight depends on many factors, including the type of product you’re importing, your location and the carrier you use. Maersk is an example of such a carrier.

Finding the right freight solution can make the difference between profit and loss when importing and exporting products.

That’s why Import Export Experts offers services to ensure that your freight solution combines the best possible price, thus reducing freight cost, and shipment transit times.

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