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Getting your Company Import Export Ready

If you are wondering how to get your company import export ready, you have come to the right place.

What does is mean to be import export ready?

Import export readiness is a term which refers to businesses’ ability to move goods and services efficiently between domestic markets and international export markets. Import export readiness can be expressed in different ways, but generally it means that a business has the capacity to meet the needs of domestic markets and international export markets.

Import export readiness is closely linked to four key factors:

1) the physical infrastructure;

2) the legal framework;

3) the human resources; and

4) the financial capacity.

A business that is ready for import export should have a well-developed supply chain, an efficient trade network, and a strong workforce with the skills required for importing and exporting.

We make this a simple process:

  • We will tailor a strategy to suit your specific product or service.
  • Our research will be used to optimize your exact import and export market.
  • We will determine the risks involved in importing and exporting your product.
  • The correct documentation will be provided regarding inspections for your product.
  • We will determine the risks and hazards of the country to which you are planning to import from or export to.
  • Provide you with information concerning documentation which could mean lowering of duties and VAT.
  • We will assist with the registration of your product or service for possible rebates.
  • We will determine the most suitable method of transportation for your product and this will need specialist input from our company which we shall provide.
  • We will ensure that your packaging and labelling are suitable for international transportation.
  • We will determine whether your specific product meets the requirements of the country of export.
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