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Drafting an Import Export Contract

An export and import contract is a legal agreement between two parties. This document will outline the terms of an exchange between two countries.
An export and import contract can be used to carry out international trade. Export and import contracts can cover the shipment of goods, property, or services. They can also include agreements for transportation, insurance, financing, and other services related to the movement of goods.

One of the main purposes of an export and import contract is to define the terms and conditions under which a country will allow its goods or service to be exported to another country. For example, a buyer may want to know what price it is willing to pay for a certain product before importing it from another country. The buyer may also want to know how long it can keep the product once it has been delivered.

The second main purpose of a contract is to establish rules for how payments must be made after an exchange has taken place. These rules may include how much money must be paid at each stage of the process (for shipping, for example) or how long the exchange must take place before money is paid.

The key to an effortless and efficient import and/or export transaction is a bulletproof Import Export Contract. This ensures that all parties involved are on the same page. Care must be taken when drafting this contract, and that is why we feel strongly about it that you let us ensure a safe and transparent contract.

We will:

  • Assist with the International Sales Contract, and risk determination as a whole.
  • Determine what is the most suitable Incoterm for your International contract of sale.
  • Ascertain whether you need Exchange Rate cover/Foreign Exchange.
  • Establish if you need an Irrevocable Letter of Credit.
Import Export Contract